Tangwa Nembo

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Honors Thesis


Manufacturing moved out of the United States in the late 1990s and early 2000 because of the high cost of production. Even though some companies did complain of taxes as a prime reason for moving, touch labor was the most evident cause of out sourcing, especially to China. GameStop, Inc. is the number one game retailer in the world and has special features that many retailers don’t have. This is its ability to sell refurbished games (software and consoles). This is possible by taking trade-ins from stores and then taking them to their refurbishing center in Grapevine, Texas and changing the games through this process to “like new”. This process is almost 98 percent touch labor, a resource that must be efficiently used so as to be profitable. This can only happen if there is a capable process in place with very little variability. Because only a controlled process can produce good products that will delight customers, delighting the customer is what every business needs in order to be productively efficient and stay profitable.

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