Amir Shrestha

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Honors Thesis


The Pettinger Engine is a six link internal combustion engine that has a very different kinematics than a conventional engine. Its prototype was developed by Mr. Pettinger; however, its true capabilities are yet to be discovered. We were given the task of quantifying the capabilities of this engine. Various analyses were done to find engine characteristics and performance while comparing the results to a conventional engine. Variable valve timing and throttle elimination were also implemented to increase engine performance. Torque and angularity calculations showed more promising results in favor of the Pettinger Engine. Friction calculations revealed to have not much effect on the torque. Variable valve timing allowed for a greater expansion ratio and throttle elimination allowed for removal of pumping loss and thus more efficiency. Overall, the Pettinger Engine has competitive performance when compared to a conventional engine while having a smaller or compact size.

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