Joshua Berry

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Honors Thesis


The Day II Feeder dispenses a pre-programmed quantity of feed at preprogrammed times of day to attract wildlife to its location at predictable intervals. Its patented design incorporates a light sensor that monitors ambient light and uses sunrise and sunset as time references. This project replaces the feeder’s currently outdated and complicated electronic control system and 24-switch physical programming interface with a completely new and user-friendly design that receives all control and programming settings wirelessly via Bluetooth from a companion smartphone application. This allows more user-selectable options for feed times and feed quantities. Also, all of the old electronic parts have been replaced with modern higher quality and significantly smaller surface mount parts. This has been accomplished without significantly increasing the feeder’s cost or power consumption, or decreasing its reliability. Its control parameters are much more versatile, and several additional features have been added. It uses the same physical housing, motor, and battery as the current design, so that it is a drop-in upgrade.

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