Adrienn Illesh

Document Type

Honors Thesis


During the last decade, the political situation in Ukraine and its foreign relations with Russia have been in flux. In the research conducted for this study, the author attempts to establish a correlation between Russo-Ukrainian relations and Ukraine’s internal political development. The time period examined starts with the Orange Revolution, takes into account the Gas Crises of 2006 and 2009, as well as the latest Euromaidan Revolution. Following the basic formula of gains and losses theory, Russia’s self-preservation in terms of its sphere of influence and power status, economic gains from being the biggest natural gas and oil supplier, and the fear of pressure from international organizations such as NATO and the EU all play a vital role in analyzing the unfolding political events between Russia and Ukraine. Finally, Russia’s interests are examined in terms of International Relations theory of Realism and Constructivism in order to explain its political goals in Ukraine.

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