Sayem Huq

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Honors Thesis


What makes a man assassinated, rather than murdered? How far along the rules of engagement and the people who define and establish the rules does the responsibility lie? To specify, morality of the use of private military contractors can be used to further complicate the argument against the committing murder without being the actual murderer: I produced a translated transcription of a Vice interview with a target killer from Karachi, received the actual transcription from Aruba Mahmud of an interview from Waziristani children who lost their families to drone strikes, and read leaked transcripts from Robert Patton’s Licensed to Kill, to show the modus operandi of a mercenary. With this thesis, I will aid in arguing who deserves the true blame in the process of murder. With real evidence and scholarly articles I make the point that it always takes more than one person to pull the trigger.

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