Vallari Gupte

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Honors Thesis


The college experience of international students in the United States differs considerably from their American counterparts. When international students pursue higher education in a foreign country, they focus not only on excelling in academics, but also, on their overall development in a new culture. This thesis focuses on ways that university websites impact these students, taking the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) as a case study. This thesis project surveyed international students at UTA and made recommendations to the Office of International Education (OIE) to enhance its website in order to improve international students’ college experience. Based on content analysis of survey answers, the research found that international students rely on social networks to cater to their information needs. The topics that interest international students include course details, visa regulations, housing information, student organizations and tuition costs. The study recommended that the Office of International Education implement different steps to cater to their audience, in this case the international students. If the international students are satisfied with the amount and quality of information provided by the university, they are more likely to enroll and continue their college careers within the same university. This research suggested steps that the university can take in order to establish a strong connection with prospective and current international students.

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