Naureen Syed

Document Type

Honors Thesis


The presence of morphological sexual dimorphism in Gonatodes was investigated in this work. Species of Gonatodes have been observed to have sexual dimorphism in terms of coloration, but no research has been done concerning sexual dimorphism in on other aspects of their morphology. An examination of two species from the genus Gonatodes (G. falconensis and G. rozei) was conducted by looking at morphometric variables in the context of statistical analyses. Data was collected by measuring 84 Gonatodes specimens for head width, head length, head depth, snout-vent length, and axillar-groin distance, front legs, and back legs. It can be concluded that morphological sexual dimorphism does exist in this genus according to data collected, although the two species reflected sexual dimorphism in different ways. Suggestions are offered as to why sexual dimorphism differed in the two species.

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