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This paper proposes a novel method to generate ratings from reviews using a Bayesian technique. One of the reasons for the growing trend of online shopping in e-commerce platforms is its transparent review system, where a customer can review and rate a product that becomes open for others to see. Oftentimes, in making a purchase decision, a customer reads these reviews to get feature-specific information about a product. These reviews, however, are becoming increasingly incomprehensible for a person to read in their entirety because of their large volume. Reading a sample of them may create a biased opinion as they do not represent overall reviews. To solve this problem, this project used Bayesian estimation to develop fine-grained, feature-specific ratings of products from the reviews of customers. This task is performed in three steps: (1) mining product features from the reviews of customers (2) identifying the sentiment of the reviews that describe product features (3) generating feature-specific ratings in 5-Point Likert scale. The ratings are generated using the Bayesian approach and are compared with the ones generated using the Frequentist approach.

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