Sushant Gupta

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Honors Thesis


Our sponsor, State Farm Insurance, is interested in creating a system that will maintain a record of profile for its customers’ daily health habits to get a better view of their overall health. The system should use Machine Learning on the user’s recorded health data, along with other health related information, to determine how healthy the individual is and to provide better health and/or life insurance rates to that individual. Concerning the sponsor requirements, we created the system called Lifefit Application. It is a mobile (Android and IOS) and web-based application which, with the support of AWS cloud computing and storage services, gathers data from Fitbit watches, runs machine learning on the data to compute health scores, and finally displays the scores along with their daily health data like calories burnt, steps walked, heart rate, and sleep pattern, etc. to its registered users. The health score can be used by the Statefarm Insurance Company to provide better insurance rates and incentives to its user base. The application is also a good source of inspiration to the users who can monitor their health activities and make significant changes needed to improve their scores as well as their health status.

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