Karyssa Nelson

Document Type

Honors Thesis


Group intervention programs are known to improve motor and psychosocial skills in children with motor difficulties, however, many programs were suspended due to COVID-19. Therefore, we investigated the effectiveness of a web-based asynchronous intervention on the motor and psychosocial abilities of children with DCD. The Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire, Developmental Coordination Disorder Questionnaire, and Motor Ability Questionnaire were completed before and after eight sessions. No significant differences were seen on the DCDQ, but effect sizes were found for the MAQ in jumping (d= .28), grasping (2= .27), lacing (d= .70) and overall ability (d= .30). For the SDQ, small effect sizes emerged for Peer Problems (d= .47) and Internalizing Problems (d= .35), and a large effect size on the Impact Scale (d= 1.76). This data supports that a web-based intervention may be effective in supporting children’s motor and psychosocial skills.

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