Shiska Raut

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Honors Thesis


Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is a genetic condition that causes abnormal thickening of myocardium leading to obstruction of blood flow to the left ventricle outflow tract. To restore adequate blood flow, Septal Myectomy, an open-heart surgery is carried out. Creating a 3D model of the diseased heart using CT scans enables surgeons to visualize the degree of obstruction and develop a surgical plan with minimized risk. To decrease the total time required for 3D reconstruction (about 9.5 – 160 hours) and increase model accuracy, an image segmentation application was developed. The purpose of the application is to decrease the total time of reconstruction by isolating the heart from other anatomical parts (Liver, lungs, ribs, etc.) present in the scans. Upon carrying out 5 reconstruction trials using the application, an average decrease in total reconstruction time by 4.5 hours was observed. This was due to a significant decrease in manual segmentation required after using the application.

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