Kelle Plummer

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Honors Thesis


Institutions of higher education aim to graduate critical thinkers who are able to reach their full potential and contribute to society in today's diverse world. The University of Texas at Arlington has identified student success as a top priority in its current strategic plan, which impacts all the University's programs, services, and initiatives. Students who are struggling readers, first-generation students, and those with learning disabilities enter the university with significant potential challenges to their ultimate success. While the university offers tutoring, disability accommodations, and other services to help remove barriers, many students still struggle. This thesis investigates students’ experiences with reading by using an oral history methodology. Interviews highlighted students’ resiliency, patterns of frustration, perceived challenges and barriers, and suggestions to increase student success: greater awareness of support services, reading resources, useful accommodations, interactive learning environments, and improved access to diagnostic testing, especially for female students who are often diagnosed late.

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