Susav Shrestha

Document Type

Honors Thesis


Ex-situ measurement systems for dynamic soil properties have been well studied over the years; however, they require physical extraction of soil which is an often laborious and undesirable task. A wireless remote sensing unit consisting of two stainless-steel probes were studied to correlate the changes in the input impedance to the soil moisture content. Theoretical simulations of this design were performed by modelling the soil using the complex dielectric permittivity and by using electromagnetic transmission line theory to compute the optimal spacing, length, and frequency of operation. The analysis of the simulated results shows that a design with 50 cm probe length and 2 cm spacing would provide the most linear relationship between the impedance and soil moisture at an operating frequency of 1.5Ghz. This design, when connected to an antenna and a radar powered system, can act as a wireless sensing unit to measure the soil moisture remotely.

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