Cole Tschritter

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Honors Thesis


Satellite signals are an efficient means of receiving data in remote environments. By monitoring satellite signals, a device can be controlled in remote locations, long range communications intercepted, and local sensory data collected. It is possible to utilize a Software-Defined Radio (SDR) that can sample the electromagnetic spectrum and use code to demodulate instead of a typical hardware-defined radio, allowing for a compact, scalable system. This project will use a BeagleBone Black as the controller and the HackRF One for the SDR. Due to variance in modulation types, modulation methods, sample limitations of the HackRF One, and frequency fall off, demodulating will be limited to a small subseries of satellites within the L, S and C bands. To interpret this data, we must receive the signal stronger than the surrounding noise, sample at twice the Nyquist frequency, and actively demodulate the data.

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