Christina Perry

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Honors Thesis


The aims of this study are to identify the effects of the changes made to the environment in the hospital setting and to observe the patient’s perception of noise levels. Other aims include to identify whether or not patients are receiving adequate rest and which activities are preventing them to do so. Ultimately, the goal is to identify whether or not clustering care provided by the lab, nurses and respiratory improve a patient’s perception of their quality of rest. Rounding is done every two hours instead of the usual one hour between the times of 2200 and 0600 when a patient is stable and can have care clustered. Many factors may contribute to a patient’s lack of sleep. In a hospital setting there are lights, noise and other uncomfortable conditions that deprive patients from the adequate rest needed to heal. All of these factors can interfere with their ability to perceive sleep quality, pain and overall mood. The design being used is an interventional design where all care will be clustered unless there is a need for hourly rounding. Data was collected from a total of 200 patients admitted to a hospital in the south-central United States. Surveying was done the following morning after the clustered care intervention by asking a series of five questions. The majority of patients reported the noise levels as okay and reported the most disturbing noise as being outside of their room or their IV machines. The third most commonly reported disturbing noise was hourly rounding. Patients also listed hourly rounding and people coming in and out of their room as the most interruptive factor during their sleep. These findings are important as we begin to challenge common methods of practice in healthcare and look for ways to improve patient satisfaction and quality of rest.

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