Rachel Agostino

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Honors Thesis


The purpose of this research study was to investigate the relationship between body composition and fitness parameters. Seven recreationally active males, age: 20.7 ± (1.1) years, height: 183.6 ± (9.2) cm, weight: 79.2 ± (9.9) kg, volunteered for this study. Body composition, aerobic and anaerobic measurements were taken and analyzed using correlational statistics. Results indicated strong inverse correlations between body fat percentage and peak power (-0.836) and body fat percentage and mean power (-0.841). There was a weak correlation between body fat percentage and total work (0.390). Overall, the lower the body fat percentage, the more muscle mass is available to produce power yielding a high correlation. There was a weak correlation (0.413) between total mass and absolute oxygen consumption. Results are supported from the literature and are good indicators of health in college-aged males.

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