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It is widely shown through experimentation and knowledge of human physiology that an active recovery following high-intensity exercise removes lactic acid (BLa) more quickly than passive recovery. Some research suggests that Beta-Alanine (BA) supplementation can decrease BLa levels following supramaximal exercise. The purpose of this study was to assess whether passive, active, or Beta-Alanine supplemented recovery was more effective at lowering BLa accumulation anaerobic exercise. Nine subjects participated in this experiment (one subject was excluded). Each completed three sessions of active, passive, or supplemented Wingate protocols. Results were determined using SPSS (p < 0.05). There was no statistically significant difference between active and passive recovery (p = .292) or between BetaAlanine and placebo groups (p = .962). The results of this study indicated that there were no differences between BLa in passive and active recovery, and no benefits of Beta-Alanine supplementation on BLa accumulation following supramaximal exercise.

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