Ngozi Ilondior

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Honors Thesis


This quantitative study examines perceived stress and coping strategies in nurse managers in the online nursing administration program. Not only do nurse managers have to deal with the stress accompanied by the position, but also the stressful condensed master's program. It is crucial they can cope with different stressors ensuring a healthy and safe work environment for staff nurses. The relationship between perceived stress (Perceived Stress Scale [α=.859]) and coping (COPE scale [α=.889]) was investigated using Spearman's rho correlation coefficient. A positive correlation was observed between stress and maladaptive coping p=.031 (r=.416). There was a negative correlation between number of hours working weekly and length of time in current position p=.034 (r= -3.94). Those who used maladaptive coping reported more stress. Staff nurses reported to have been in their positions longer, and thus worked fewer hours as compared to nurse administrators who were in their positions for a shorter period.

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