Digant Shah

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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Roger Walker


A large number of bridges, overpasses and other similar structures fail due to deterioration caused by factors such as vehicle loads, impact loads, severe weather conditions, etc. Routine monitoring of such structures is essential to prevent loss of life and property. This thesis explores the feasibility of a 3D bridge monitoring system as a novel way for bridge health analysis. Specifically, the goal of this study is to investigate the use of a video control system for monitoring and synchronize video and surface profile components for a 3D bridge monitoring project. This thesis focuses on the concept of collecting video data for bridge structure analysis while staying parallel to the road surface and in turn minimizing jitter created by car vibrations. Simulations were performed for examining PID controllers as an option for real time and platform stabilization jitter reduction. The linear relationship which exists between two accelerometers on a rigid bar was verified by conducting an experiment so that need for additional accelerometers for each laser on the 3D profiling system is eliminated. This greatly reduces the cost of implementing this project. Wide line lasers were simulated and found acceptable components of the monitoring system. A Three dimensional road profile was reconstructed using the raw laser and accelerometer data collected by the Texas Transportation Institute on the test track located at Texas A&M University. Outcomes from experimentation and simulation provided greater insights into using this novel procedure for bridge monitoring.


Electrical and Computer Engineering | Engineering


Degree granted by The University of Texas at Arlington