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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering

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Weidong Zhou


For fluorescence and bioluminescence in vivo imaging systems, the current commercial product is limited by huge bulk and a constant working environment. In this thesis, we proposed and investigated a compact and portable in vivo device with similar performance as congeneric commercial products. By analyzing general requirements of each component in optical system, we dug in the principle and put forward several key parameters that should be considered for building in vivo imaging systems. Moreover, on the precondition of qualifying these parameters, and in order to build the most compact system, three design approaches have been discussed. By deliberating each approach, the single wavelength excitation has been proposed which can be used to reduce the light path of the system making it small and compact. After verifying the feasibility of single wavelength excitation, we finalized the most effective and efficient setup. Through the comprehensive calibration, we pointed out the advantage of this system and other drawbacks which can be ameliorated in the future.


Electrical and Computer Engineering | Engineering


Degree granted by The University of Texas at Arlington