Radar Sensor Network Using A Set of New Ternary Codes: Theory and Application

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IEEE Sensors Journal


In the radar sensor network (RSN), the interferences among different radar sensors can be effectively reduced when waveforms are properly designed. In this paper, we perform some theoretical studies on coexistence of phase coded waveforms in the RSN. We propose a new ternary codes–optimized punctured Zero Correlation Zone sequence-Pair Set (ZCZPS) and analyze their properties. Applying the new ternary codes and equal gain combination technique to the RSN, we study the detection performance versus different number of radar sensors under the different conditions. The simulation results show that the RSN using our optimized punctured ZCZPS performs better than the RSN using the same number of common codes such as the Gold codes, and much better than the single radar system no matter whether the Doppler shift is considered or not.


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