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Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies


Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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C. James Hardy


The purpose of this study was to investigate the strategies, tools, and visual media used by K-12 curriculum directors, instructional coaches, specialists, and writers to teach reading in Texas. Also, the study examined what strategies, tools, and visual media were encouraged to use during professional development courses among participants. Specifically, the potential of using visual media such as graphic novels, comic books, and Japanese manga were investigated. The study incorporated the Delphi Method. An expert panel composed of 35 participants took part in the study. Participants came to consensus on 21 important items composed of 2 strategies, 10 tools, and 9 forms of visual media currently used to teach reading. The two important strategies were: 1-receiving professional development training to incorporate visual media and, 2-promoting reading clubs and organizations. The ten important tools were: 1-computers and laptops, 2-educational reading software, 3-internet blogs, 4-projectors and document cameras, 5-Promethean Boards and interactive whiteboards, 6-tablets, iPads, and (electronic readers) e-readers that incorporate (electronic books) e-books, 7-video websites such as YouTube and DailyMotion, 8-websites that offer interactive visual reading programs, 9-websites that allow making movies, animated cartoons, and video streaming, 10-word processing and presentation software such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Prezi, and Google Docs. The nine visual media items were: 1-art, paintings, and drawings, 2-books and short story readers that include text (words), images, and pictures, 3-comic books, 4-flashcard, graphs, charts, and graphic organizers, 5-graphic novels, 6-movies, movie clips, and animated cartoons, 7-political cartoons and comic strips, 8-still pictures, photos, and digital images, 9-traditional newspapers and magazines that include text (words), images, and pictures used to teach reading.


Education | Educational Leadership


Degree granted by The University of Texas at Arlington