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Master of Science in Computer Science


Computer Science and Engineering

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David Levine


A cloud application developed, will have a specific requirement of particular cloud resources and software stack to be deployed to make it run. Resource templates enable the environment design and deployment required for an application. A template describes the infrastructure of the cloud application in a text file which includes servers, floating/public IP, storage volumes, etc. This approach is termed “Infrastructure as a code.” In Amazon public cloud, OpenStack private cloud, Google cloud these templates are called as cloud formation templates, HOT (Heat orchestration templates), Google cloud templates respectively. Though the existing template systems give a flexibility for the end user to define multiple resources, they are limited to the provision in single cloud provider with a unique set of cloud credentials at a time. Due to this reason, vendor lock-in arises for the service consumer. The current thesis addresses the vendor lock-in problem by proposing a framework design and implementation of provisioning of the resources in the cross-cloud environments with YAML templates known as “Linchpin.” Linchpin also follows “Infrastructure as code” approach, where the full requirements of the users are manifested into a predefined YAML structure, which is parsed by underlying configuration and deployment tool known as Ansible to delegate the provisioning to the cloud APIs. Current framework not only solves the vendor lock-in issue also enable the user to do cross-cloud deployments of the application. In this thesis, a comparative study of the existing template-based orchestration frameworks with Linchpin on the provisioning time of the virtual machines. Further, it also Illustrates a novel way to generate Ansible based inventory files for post provisioning activities such as the installation of software and configuring them.


Cross cloud environments, Multi-cloud, Orchestration, DevOps, Openstack, AWS, Google cloud, Heat, Google deployment manager


Computer Sciences | Physical Sciences and Mathematics


Degree granted by The University of Texas at Arlington