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This paper proposes a novel Human-Robot Interactive System where users can interact with the robotic system using hand gestures, even from a distance, through a smartphone-based IoT-Controller Framework. The system is primarily designed to help people with vocal and hearing impairments. A mobile application records user gestures shown in front of a smartphone and sends the data to a server. The server performs gesture recognition and forms a command which is sent to the robotic system. The robotic system performs the required task based on the given command. The robotic system is set to carry out an object pick and place operation based on the gesture commands in the system’s initial experiments. The accuracy of both the gesture recognition model and the object grasping task were measured, along with the time taken for the system to complete the entire task. Experimental results showed that the system performed well, achieving 100% accuracy in object grabbing and gesture recognition, and the average time taken by the system to complete the robotic pick and place task was around 78 seconds.


Computer Sciences | Physical Sciences and Mathematics

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