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In traditional neuropsychological tests, executive functions (EFs) are typically evaluated using paper and pencil or computer-based sit-down tasks. However, a new assessment framework, the Automated Test of Embodied Cognition (ATEC), has been developed to measure EFs and embodied cognition through physical tasks. This paper proposes integrating the ATEC system with virtual reality (VR) to evaluate and diagnose attention-deficit disorders using embodied cognition (EC) principles. The VR system will utilize Meta Quest 2 VR headsets and controllers with motion sensors to accurately capture users’ physical movements. The collected motion data will be transmitted to a remote server for evaluation through machine learning algorithms. By incorporating VR technology, the proposed solution provides an effective and affordable tool for assessing executive functions and attention-deficit disorders in real-life scenarios. The paper also presents the proposed solution’s system architecture, which involves using a virtual avatar and visual and auditory cues to guide users during physical tasks.


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