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Master of Science in Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering

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Sahadat Hossain


The United States earth retaining structure market exceeds 170 million square feet annually and there are over 50 different retaining systems to select from which are unique in design and construction. Depending on the type of retaining structure, unit costs vary from less than $20 to in excess of $250 per square foot. Selecting the technically appropriate and cost-effective system is often critical to project cost and schedule. The Recycled Plastic Pin (RPP) has potential to be utilized as a sustainable and cost effective option to stabilize the surficial slope failure. RPP have been successfully used in Missouri, Iowa and Texas to repair the surficial slope failure of highway embankment. The current study summarized the remediation of shallow slope failure using RPP at two different slopes at DFW area. Two highway slopes, one located over SH-183 and SH-97 near DFW airport and second one over I-35 overpass at Mockingbird Lane in Dallas, Texas. Both of the slopes were modeled in PLAXIS and based on the numerical modeling, the number of RPP were determined. Sections of slope at each slope were reinforced with RPP and the performance of the slope was monitored using inclinometer and surveying instruments. Based on the design methods, the calculated factors of safeties were in good agreement with the safety analysis results in numerical modeling.


Slope stability, Plastic pins, Shallow failure


Civil and Environmental Engineering | Civil Engineering | Engineering


Degree granted by The University of Texas at Arlington