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Master of Science in Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering

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Nur Yazdani


Fire is a common hazard that may happen during the lifetime of concrete structures. Thus, it is one of the loads considered in building and tunnel design standards and codes. Dependency of the safety and structural integrity of a building to load-bearing elements such as beams requires the safe design of these elements. Flexural design of reinforced concrete (RC) beams under fire is critical. Typical load and resistance factor design (LRFD) of flexural member at ambient temperature deals with comparing the factored applied load with its capacity. Strength reduction factors are applied to the calculated nominal moment capacity to take into account several factors such as variations in material strength, poor workmanship, and uncertainty in determining the behavior of a member. However, the literature review conducted to-date revealed that no strength reduction factor has been developed for flexural design of RC beams subjected to fire. Current codes are confined to the calculation of the adequacy of the clear cover protection in concrete flexural members based on the ASTM E119 (2019) fire exposure (ACI 216, 2014). The proposed study aims to bridge this knowledge gap and develop a strength reduction factor for flexural design of RC beams at elevated temperature. Previous methods of design of RC beams show an absence of a factor that can assure safety in fire circumstances. Inadequate anticipated capacity can lead to the failure of RC members due to the loss of integrity and strength as a result of exposure to fire. The proposed research envisions to develop a strength reduction factor for flexural design RC beams subjected to fire/elevated temperature. In order to drive this reduction factor, Parametric studies, in this case, reliability analysis utilized to develop an expression to evaluate the reduction factor for flexure design of the beam exposed to fire.


Concrete fire design, Fire strength reduction factor, RC beams exposed to fire


Civil and Environmental Engineering | Civil Engineering | Engineering


Degree granted by The University of Texas at Arlington