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Master of Science in Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering

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Mohammad Najafi


This thesis concerns developing recommendations to help small construction company's transition from traditional two dimensional plans to a Building Information Modeling (BIM) management process. Due to the cost of implementing BIM, the primary focus of the thesis is onthe transitioning state of these two management areas in an effort to facilitate full integration of smaller contractors into BIM technologies at a future time.Three case studies are used to assess and evaluate the effects of building information modeling on the schedule, material procurement, and information modeling aspects of a project. The intent of the case studies is to demonstrate a net positive result to applying modelingtechniques to enhance a project's coordination, productivity, and procurement practices.Since building information modeling is a relative new concept within theconstruction industry, the costs and skill level associated with the implementation of BIM is not economically feasible for smaller construction companies. The recommendations suggestedby this thesis is a simpler and more manageable alternative smaller firms can consider in developing the skill set needed to implement a fully integrated BIM program using the tools and processes currently available to them.


Civil and Environmental Engineering | Civil Engineering | Engineering


Degree granted by The University of Texas at Arlington