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Journal of Service-Learning in Higher Education

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Transformative learning is the most desired core outcome in adult education. The qualitative study examined critical reflections for professional transformation related to development and implementation of service-learning courses or projects from four university faculty members during enrollment in a Service-Learning Faculty Fellows program and post-servicelearning implementation. Reflective questions related to faculty perceptions of student learning, service-learning as pedagogy, and their own learning— transformation of, in, and by learning, respectively. Content analyses of faculty reflections resulted in three categories of transformation based on three preservice-learning and three post-servicelearning descriptive themes: (1) transformation of student learning from anticipatory integration to conflicts between expectation and reality; (2) transformation in learning about servicelearning transitioned from constant search for clarification to searching for relevance in service-learning; and (3) transformation by learning about themselves as educators was described initially as a move from “me” to “we” and afterward to a deconstruction of their professional selves. Critical selfreflection and mentoring throughout the Faculty Fellows program and after at least one service-learning course or project are important elements toward the success of faculty who choose to engage in service-learning.


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