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Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering

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Stephen P Mattingly


A perimeter taxiway (PT) or end-around taxiway (EAT) operation is a new concept being developed at several airports around the country to eliminate active departure runway incursions during peak periods. PTs will enhance capacity by permitting uninterrupted, safe, continuous takeoffs and landings within the operations framework and guidelines established by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). For this research, the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport's (DFW) proposed PT operations are considered for analysis and evaluation. This concept is tested using actual historical flight data at DFW for simulation and analytical modeling based on the FAA safety factors available in the Visual SIMMOD simulation modeling software. The physical and operational constraints for PT operations pertaining to safety and hazards to other aircraft over-flying the PT, while aircraft on the ground are traveling on the PT is evaluated using flight track data. The operations analysis, and the standard taxiway procedures and guidelines developed based on the simulation yields a perspective of the PT operations at DFW. The DFW expansion plans and development drawings for PT operations are customized for use in the Visual SIMMOD. The results of the simulation and statistical analysis of the flight track data aid in the development of standards and guidelines for design and construction of PTs at DFW and other airports. The simulation is performed using actual flight data at DFW for 2004 and forecast air traffic data for 2010. The air traffic data is analyzed with and without PT at the airfield to establish the derived benefits of incorporating a PT system at DFW. The derived benefits are elimination of runway incursion, improvements in departure rate in dedicated departure runways, and overall improvement in safety of operations.


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Degree granted by The University of Texas at Arlington