Elmira Riahi

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Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering

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Xinbao Yu


Rehabilitation of concrete structures by using synthetic resins such as epoxy is increasing worldwide. Understanding the structural behavior of the resultant composite structure and the interaction between the coating and concrete can be beneficial in predicting performance of the rehabilitated structure. However, very little is known about the strength of the epoxy-coated concrete. This researcher conducted laboratory experiments designed to evaluate epoxy coated concrete specimens under different load configurations with an emphasis on its stress-strain characteristics. The tests include uniaxial compression cylindrical specimens, three-point and four-point bending and tests on beam specimens and three-edge bearing tests on concrete pipe specimens. The concrete specimens used in the tests consisted of concrete specimens with and without epoxy coating. Finite element modeling (FEM) was adopted to simulate the epoxy-coated concrete beams and pipes under three-point and four-point bending and three-edge bearing tests. The FEM models were verified by test results and simulated the behavior of epoxy-coated concrete under different load configurations. Parametric study on a concrete calibrated model showed that increasing the thickness of the lining for higher degrees of deterioration of concrete has more effect on increasing the peak load carried by the pipe. Deteriorated manholes repaired with epoxy liner were selected as another application example and simulated by ABAQUS using the calibrated material models to evaluate its structural performance under soil, water, and traffic loads. Parametric study results for rehabilitated manhole structures indicates that for partially deteriorated manholes the epoxy linings do not have a significant effect on the radial deformation of the manhole structure and in the case of fully deteriorated manholes increasing the thickness of the lining can result in smaller radial deformations.


Concrete rehabilitation, ABAQUS, Epoxy, Concrete pipes, Manholes


Civil and Environmental Engineering | Civil Engineering | Engineering


Degree granted by The University of Texas at Arlington