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Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration


Business Administration

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Edmund Prater


A recent advice article published by The Chronicle of Higher Education addressed how Tenure and Tenure-Track faculty members are leaving their academic positions at college and universities. Education underwent tremendous change due to the COVID-19 Pandemic as faculty had to transition from in-person lectures and laboratory classes to teaching all classes and lectures in a virtual format and then a hybrid between in-person and online. The changes caused by the Pandemic came swiftly but did not come with ease. My dissertation examines Job Satisfaction through the lens of Turnover Intentions and Burnout for Academic Faculty. I surveyed faculty around the United States and examined if correlations existed between a faculty member’s turnover intentions and their gender, emotional exhaustion, incentives, working environment, and job satisfaction levels. Results support that a faculty member’s emotional exhaustion levels are positively correlated with their turnover intentions, and job satisfaction levels are negatively correlated with turnover intentions. Furthermore, Associate Professors followed by Assistant Professors on average have the highest turnover intention levels, supporting The Chronicle’s article that Tenure and Tenure-Track faculty have higher turnover intentions than other faculty, thus leading to them to consider leaving their academic positions.


Turnover intentions, Burnout, Job satisfaction, Tenure and tenure-track faculty, Survey


Business | Business Administration, Management, and Operations