Ankit Deo

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Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration


Business Administration

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Sridhar Nerur

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Mahmut Yasar


The proficient administration of information technology (IT) investments is essential for organizations aiming to attain a competitive edge in the current dynamic business landscape. Nevertheless, the correlation between investments in information technology (IT) and the performance of an organization is dependent on several contextual factors. The primary objective of this dissertation is to elucidate the intricacies of investments in information technology (IT) by examining the moderating influence of environmental uncertainty on this association. This study presents a comprehensive research framework that integrates IT investments, environmental uncertainty, and organizational performance. The study utilizes a mixed-methods methodology, integrating quantitative analysis of secondary data with primary data collection through the administration of surveys and conducting interviews. The quantitative analysis encompasses the comprehensive examination of extensive datasets across various industries, intending to investigate the correlation between investments in information technology, environmental uncertainty, and organizational performance. The qualitative inquiry offers a more comprehensive understanding of the fundamental mechanisms and processes by conducting interviews with key stakeholders. This study's results are anticipated to contribute to theoretical understanding and practical applications significantly. This study contributes to the theoretical framework by providing insights into the dynamic nature of IT investments and the significant moderating influence of environmental uncertainty. This study offers significant perspectives on the contextual variables that influence the efficacy of information technology investments within various environmental settings. The research findings provide practical insights for organizations to enhance their IT investment strategies per the current environmental circumstances. This dissertation aims to enhance organizational decision-making regarding IT investments and navigate the complexities of the digital era by examining the dynamics of IT investments and the moderating influence of environmental uncertainty. The research presented in this study has significant implications for scholars and practitioners in IT management. It adds to the existing body of knowledge on the strategic utilization of IT resources and emphasizes the crucial role of aligning IT investments with the ever-changing business environment.


IT investments, Software and hardware budget, Fixed-effects analysis, Environmental dynamism, Environmental munificence


Business | Business Administration, Management, and Operations