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Purpose: The purpose of this manuscript is to help identify transportation barriers and facilitators that impact treatment initiation and continuation for clients with Substance Use Disorders (SUD) and/or mental health needs seeking outpatient services. The author also documented how these barriers were operationalized and measured while seeking to understand which populations have been most impacted by transportation barriers. Methods: The author conducted a scoping review and documented all of the relevant academic literature regarding transportation barriers and facilitators for individuals seeking outpatient treatment with SUDs and/or mental health concerns. Results: The author identified 28 studies. Some marginalized groups, such as pregnant women, people experiencing homelessness, and those with HIV/AIDS have struggles with transportation while accessing and attending substance abuse and/or mental health outpatient services. Also, those living in rural regions required different services to meet their transportation needs, compared to those in urban environments. Both outcome measurements and transportation interventions were organized to provide suggestions for future research and agency leaders looking to improve access and engagement with their clients. Discussion: Transportation was a frequently recorded barrier that impacted both behavioral health treatment initiation and continuation. Future researchers, policy makers, and clinicians should identify the individual transportation needs of their clients and provide appropriate resources to support positive treatment outcomes.


Substance use disorders, Mental health, Behavioral health, Transportation, Barriers


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