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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to increase knowledge around what Latinas learned about sex growing up. It was used to create foundational work for future research with this population. More importantly it is a means for members of the community to speak about their lived experiences surrounding sex education, gender roles, and growing up in their households. Methods: This study used a mixed methods design due to the limited amount of research that is focused on sex education and Latinas. It was used to collect a wide range of data that could be used to help with future research I have planned in the doctoral program. Results: Quantitative results showed commonalities within the completed population and those who did not finish. The qualitative results produced nine new themes with some being: “I wish I would have learned about how sex can affect me emotionally.”, Deafening Silence, “I don't think I had a relationship with my body before at all because it was looked down upon. Discussion: A major problem within Latinx households can be tied to the silence that is faced in their day-to-day lives. Without silence that is a chance these issues would not be harming the community and there could be more understanding.


sex education, Latinas, gender roles, Latinx, generational silence


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