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Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work


Social Work

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Maria Scannapieco


This secondary data analysis focuses on the outcome experiences of adults with a history of out-of-home placement. The study focuses on the relationship between childhood sibling experiences and outcomes for adults. The study assessed the outcome of 50 alumni in the areas of income, educational attainment, employment, adult sibling relationships, social support, self esteem, and housing. The strength of childhood sibling relationship and positive adult outcomes was assessed using a number of control variables in a multivariate analysis including maltreatment experience, age, gender, campus, number of placements, level of preparation for independence, and age at placement. A number of factors identified as statistically significant in the study including childhood sibling experience. Those individuals who had greater access to their siblings and reported stronger relationships with their siblings had higher levels of social support, self-esteem, income, and adult sibling relationships than those who did not. Furthermore, those alumni with greater access to siblings and reported stronger childhood relationships with siblings had higher scores on the overall outcome composite as well. The data in the current study was provided by Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services. All of the alumni participating in the study were residents of one of five Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services campuses.


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