Jelisa Jones

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Master of Science in Psychology



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Kelsey Medeiros


Current empirical research on corporate social responsibility (CSR) focuses on the organizational level, but researchers have called for increased attention in exploring the individual level, or micro-CSR. The objective of this study was to identify how ethical climate, employee engagement, attitudes toward CSR, and several individual differences may play a key role in micro-CSR performance. The hypotheses proposed that ethical climate would influence micro-CSR performance, such that the instrumental ethical climate would have lower levels of micro-CSR performance than the rules, law and code, caring, and moral independence ethical climates. Furthermore, it was expected that attitudes towards CSR and employee engagement would mediate this relationship, such that more positive attitudes toward CSR and higher levels of employee engagement would lead to increased levels of micro-CSR performance. The findings of the path analysis failed to support the hypotheses as well as the proposed model, but strong relationships were found for attitudes towards CSR with micro-CSR performance and employee engagement with micro-CSR performance. Additionally, the caring ethical climate was found to have marginally significantly more positive attitudes towards CSR and significantly higher levels of work engagement than the instrumental ethical climate. Furthermore, personality, specifically extraversion and neuroticism, as well as moral identity were found to be significant covariates to impact employee engagement. Implications for theory and future research of micro-CSR performance are discussed as well as practical implications and recommendations for organizations and employees that wish to increase micro-CSR performance behaviors.


Corporate social responsibility, Ethical climate, CSR


Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Degree granted by The University of Texas at Arlington

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