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Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology



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Jared B Kenworthy


A multitude of factors have been found to influence the prevalence of information exchange behaviors among team members. However, there are no scales that have measured individual motivational and cognitive differences and how these predict group processes and behaviors. This dissertation helps advance our understanding of how individual differences towards information sharing, information seeking, ideation, and elaboration in group settings can influence group processes. The Information Sharing, Seeking, Ideation, and Elaboration scale (ISSIE) was designed to measure these processes and serve as a predictor for those specific behaviors. This dissertation consisted of a two-part study, one survey and one in lab in which participants engaged in an idea generation task and hidden profile task. It was found that the ISSIE scale had four distinct sub-factors mirroring what was theoretically anticipated. Furthermore, there were distinct relationships among the ISSIE sub-factors with various other factors such as personality, group preferences, and need for cognition. Findings indicated that the ISSIE sub-factors did not significantly predict their respective behaviors but there were trends that elaboration was a marginally significant predictor of elaborations. This is the first study that has examined the impact of individual preference of information exchange process in groups and how those sub-factors serve as predictors of information sharing, seeking, ideation, and elaboration. The ISSIE scale could serve as a selection and training/development tool for organizations in the future.


Information exchange, Information seeking, Information sharing, Teams, Groups


Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences


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