Erika Venzor

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Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology



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Lauri A Jensen-Campbell


Despite the fact that bullying is still viewed as a common behavior among adolescents, extensive research has established that bullying behavior can occur throughout life. After decades of investigation, it is clear that bullying leads to adverse outcomes. However, limited information is available on teacher-to-student bullying, principal-to-teacher bullying, and student-to teacher-bullying behavior, as well as the consequences of such. This dissertation examined whether teacher bullying was due to personality and/or environmental factors. Teachers around the DFW area (N = 451) participated in this study. As expected, teachers who were less conscientious were more likely to bully students. Furthermore, teachers who experienced stress and job dissatisfaction were more likely to engage in bullying behavior compared to their less-stressed counterparts. There were also interactions between personality traits and environmental factors predicting bullying behavior. Specifically, teachers who were neurotic and experienced stress or job dissatisfaction were more likely to bully students. This dissertation also examined the influence of being victimized on teachers’ health outcomes.Teachers who were victimized by students, parents, other teachers, and principals were more likely to report depressive symptoms, physical health complaints, job dissatisfaction, and higher levels of stress than teachers who did not report being victimized. Overall, being victimized causes physical and psychological health complaints.


Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences


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