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Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology



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Monica Basco


In 2009, the American Cancer Society (ACS) predicted that, of the 219,440 expected new cases of lung cancer, approximately 169,000 cancer-related deaths would be attributable to the use of some form of tobacco products. The ACS further suggests that all cancers caused by cigarette smoking are completely preventable. The source of prevention may be in an individual's behavior patterns. If researchers can better understand the thought processes behind harmful behavior patterns (such as smoking), then perhaps effective strategies for decreasing the influence of negative thought patterns (and subsequent behaviors) are within reach. This study found that possessing intent to cut back or quit smoking predicted actual reduction in the number of cigarettes smoked. Also, optimism, increased perceived social pressure to quit and having a more internal locus of control were found to have predicted intent to cut back and intent to quit smoking. Further, it was found that having a more internal locus of control alone predicted intent to cut back. These findings lend support to the application of the theory of planned behavior in the prediction of smoking behavior.


Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences


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