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Doctor of Nursing Practice



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Sharolyn K Dihigo

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Judy LeFlore


This study examined the impact of health policy on infant mortality. Public Use Data Files were used to assess differences in groups before and after the initiation of health policy as law. House Bill 1983 restricted the delivery of infants before 39 weeks gestation when born by elective induction or elective cesarean section. Infants born prematurely are at higher risk for adverse outcomes. A total of 3,078 identified infants were included in the sample. Infants were categorized according to their gestational age of 33-34 weeks, 35-36 weeks, and greater than 37 weeks. Data analyzed showed no statistical significance in the number of births within these categories or any association between groups before or after the bill became law. Pearson's Chi Square was used to identify differences in geographical areas and was found to be statistically significant (p = .000) with the greatest differences in large metropolitan areas within the State of Texas. Infant outcomes were noted as death or discharge. Ninety-seven percent (n=2980) of infants were discharged home and less than 0.5% (n=13) expired during the hospital stay. Inferences as to whether death occurred following discharge home could not be made based on the analysis of the data.


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