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Spring 2024



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Doctor of Nursing Practice



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Sara Moore, DNP


It is estimated that 80% of people worldwide, regardless of gender, will contract human papillomavirus (HPV) at some point in their lives. The HPV vaccine series prevents high-risk strains that are known to cause cancer and genital warts (Osaghae et al., 2022). School-based health clinics (SBHC) can increase access to and completion of the HPV vaccine series, which remains low throughout the United States (Javaid et al., 2017; Rane et al., 2021; Shah et al., 2020). This guideline was created to increase SBH provider education to start the HPV vaccine at nine years old. The project lead conducted a systematic search of the literature and read sixty-six relevant articles. This resulted in five evidence-based recommendations. SBH stakeholders, a nurse practitioner, a medical assistant, a school nurse, and a clinical director rated evidence-based recommendations. The project lead used the stakeholders' feedback to develop this guideline. Friedman's Two-Way Analysis and Descriptive Statistics were utilized to measure the stakeholders' ratings of the recommendations. The stakeholders' ratings of the recommendations were not significantly different. The five evidence-based guideline recommendations were rated as excellent, good, or fair and were thus included in the final guideline.


Keywords: Human Papillomavirus, cancer-prevention, genital warts, school-based health clinic, school-based health provider education, vaccination


Medical Education | Medical Sciences | Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing


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