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Spring 2024



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Doctor of Nursing Practice



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Dr. Sandra Laird



Objective: The purpose of the guideline is to recommend and implement the new guidelines to the standard central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI) guidelines for use during a pandemic.

Method: Articles from three different databases was conducted: PubMed, Medline, and CINAHL. One hundred articles were retrieved, and 74 articles were reviewed and evaluated. The articles were categorized based on the Johns Hopkins Hospital/Johns Hopkins University (2017) hierarchy level of evidence. Four new guidelines were created and added to the ten standard guidelines. Eleven stakeholders rated the recommendations. The stakeholder rates were sent to a statistician for analysis. Most of the ratings are highly scored.

Result: The result of the analysis using Friedman's two-way analysis of variance was that the Chi-square value was 7.313, and P = 0.885. The result indicated the differences among the stakeholder's ratings of the fourteen recommendations were insignificant. The statistician also used the pairwise comparison for analysis with p < .05. The variance in the rating is non-significant and explains the authenticity of the validity of the recommended guideline.

Conclusion: Implementation of the recommended guideline will be beneficial during a pandemic.

Keywords: CLABSI, Central Venous Catheter, Pandemic, Guideline.


CLABSI Guideline, Pandemic, Healthcare workers compliance to CLABSI Guidelines, COVID-19 Pandemic, Infection Rate of CLABSI, CLABSI Complications, Central venous Catheter infection increases CLABSI, Compliance rules of Central Venous to minimize Hospital Acquired Infections, CLABSI complications increases healthcare cost, Increase CLABSi rate increases Mortality Rate


Medicine and Health Sciences


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Dr. Sandra Laird- Advisor

Dr. Kao Yungfei. - Statistician

Ms. Helen Hough-Collins -Editor



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