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Although the involvement of mathematics in medicine is still relatively recent, the discipline has become attractive to the mathematics community, and in fact, medically oriented articles presently appear in several mathematics journals. We call the reader's attention to the following journals: Bulletin of Mathematical Biology (continues The Bulletin of Mathematical Biophysics), Biomathematics (also called Revue de Bio-Mathematique), SIAM Journal in Applied Mathematics (a new series devoted to biomathematics will appear shortly), Math Biosciences, Biomedical Engineering, IEEE Transactions in Biomedical Engineering, Journal of Biomechanics, Biological Cybernetics, Computers in Biology and Medicine, Journal of Theoretical Biology, and Biometrics. Each year there are a number of conferences and symposia which are devoted to the mathematical aspects of biological and medical systems, e.g. the annual Biomechanics Symposium. Recently (1) a concise set of articles have been collected which is indicative of the state of the art of mathematics in medicine. We also refer the reader to the easily readable books by Dr. Richard Bellman (2) and Dr. Norman T. J. Bailey (3).


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