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Recently, J. Chandra [1] obtained comparison estimates for differential equations with deviating argument (1) [see pdf for notation] on the interval I: to [see pdf for notation] , where [see pdf for notation] is a given continuous function defined on a suitable interval (containing I ), together with the boundary conditions (2) [see pdf for notation] for [see pdf for notation] The class of BVP (1) - (2) is incorporated in a larger class discussed in [3]. The introduction in [1] of a maximal solution has furnished comparison results and an iterative procedure for obtaining solutions. The use of the maximal solution concept to obtain existence, uniqueness, iterative procedures, and comparison results has been formulated in [2] in a general setting. In this paper, we show that the application of theorems in [2] serve to strengthen and broaden the theory developed in [1] and [3].


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