ORCID Identifier(s)


Graduation Semester and Year

Spring 2023



Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Landscape Architecture


Landscape Architecture

First Advisor

Letora Anderson

Second Advisor

Rebecca Mauldin

Third Advisor

Austin Allen


The purpose of this qualitative study is to design a master plan for independent living communities that will include the development of amenities, natural features, and connections, which encourage physical and social engagements within their living arrangements.

Creating landscapes that promote Active Living has been a trending topic explored over the last couple of decades. The World Health Organization defines this as, “A way of life in which physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual activities are valued and are integrated into daily living.” (WHO, 2023) Providing these spaces encourages opportunities to interact and engage with others of similar ability. In some instances, full communities are developed around this idea that has a universal goal to integrate these attributes into everyday life. Some previous common advice to stay healthy was focused on things like 30 minutes of activity a day, eating right, reading, and getting sufficient sleep. But recently, research has focused on the positive impact that purposeful landscapes can provide for community members by integrating various aspects of physical and social engagements. This study will investigate current activities that residents participate in while at home, what amenities are used most frequently within the community, and which built spaces seniors would like to see more of, that will encourage an increased level of activity or social interaction in their daily routine. The data and information will be collected through observations of the site and similar new developments. The results of this research will help achieve a more functional and better-connected landscape that is associated with Active Living Communities in North Texas.


Active adult communities, Independent living communities, Designed landscapes



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