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INTRODUCTION: C4 is a pre-workout supplement which is a type of ergogenic aid. Ergogenic aids helps to enhance athletic performance, energy use, and recovery time. There are different types of pre-workout supplement ingredients such as caffeine, creatine, and nitric oxide precursors that all claim to work together to promote energy and improve performance. These supplements are used increasingly in the regimen of many athletes. PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of C4 during a graded exercise treadmill to maximal exercise levels on college males. METHODS: Six men (age 21.17 + 1.79 yrs) of the UTA Kinesiology department volunteered to participate in this study. All subjects had not previously taken pre-workout supplements. Before performing a graded exercise treadmill test with increasing speed and elevation until exhaustion, each subject was randomly given C4 or Crystal Light (P) to consume. During each exercise test heart rate (HR) and rate of perceived exertion (RPE) were recorded along with the oxygen consumption up to and including maximal (VO2max) values measured by the SensorMedics. Time of the exercise test was also recorded. RESULTS: The maximal values from the exercise test included: HR (P: 190.17 + 6.24 bpm; C4: 190.83 + 9.58 bpm); RPE (P: 17 + 1.47; C4: 18 + 0.82); Time (P: 12.53 + 1.58 min; C4: 13.31 + 1.60 min); VO2max (P: 47.01 + 7.72 ml/kg/min; C4: 45. 86 + 6.93 ml/kg/min) and none showed significant differences between the Crystal Light and C4 (p = 0.78). CONCLUSION: The results of this study indicated that there were no significant effects of C4 on VO2max or any other measures of maximal exertion during a graded exercise treadmill test. Further testing is needed if manufacturers wish to continue claims of improved performance after consuming C4.


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