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Studies involving the effects of kinesiology tape (KT) are scarce and collectively inconclusive. Behind the application of KT is the science of how skin responds to a variety of stimuli. Elastic properties of KT manipulate the skin and the fluid pressure gradient beneath the skin, allowing better movement of lymph and blood circulation. Proprioception to the area is thus enhanced. The purpose of the current study was to examine the effects of different kinesiology taping patterns on temperature fluctuations over time, indicative of blood flow. 7 track athletes were taped with each pattern at rest and monitored for 30 minutes, the trials were spaced two weeks apart. Repeated measures and dependent t-tests were used and found a 2°F increase in temperature between preSS and midSS (p=.045). No significant difference was found between the FD measures but there was a significant difference between all SS and FD measures (p<.001). The results indicate that KT increases temperature within 15 minutes of application.


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