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Endurance is the capacity one can last during exercise and the time it takes to reach fatigue to a certain point. Caffeine is a mild stimulant drug providing many people with energy and/or alertness; it also stimulates the nervous muscles. Placebo is an experimental alternative to caffeine that was used. The study conducted compared caffeine pills to placebo pills (calcium) versus their VO2 levels, these results were achieved using a Balke treadmill endurance test. The purpose of this research is to examine If caffeine pills help increase endurance levels. 17 subjects participated in the graded exercise test until fatigue was reached. All participants took both supplements on different testing days to create a counter balance effect. Caffeine VO2 max of 31.29±6.93 (L/min). Placebo VO2 max of 28.49±6.81(L/min). T-value resulting in 38.43(t=2.402, (df)=16). p=0.029. The study found evidence that caffeine pill intake when compared to the placebo pill intake that caffeine results in increased endurance performance. Caffeine consumption benefits anyone on an o-carb diet to receive the energy that would have been provided by consuming carbs but from the caffeine.


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