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Caffeine is one of the most socially acceptable performance enhancement drugs used by athletes and is one of the most widely studied ergogenic aids by sports scientists. The effect caffeine has on exercise performance is well founded, generally eliciting a dampening of perceptual response during exercise allowing the athlete to perform at a higher level. However, in comparison to aerobic performance, less research has been conducted on the ergogenic potential on anaerobic performance. Most research has been conducted through the use of the Wingate anaerobic test (WAnT), which determines anaerobic power. The WAnT requires the subject to pedal a cycle ergometer at maximal speed for 30 s against a high braking force which is determined by the person’s weight, sex and age. The WAnT in conjunction with caffeine supplementation has been shown to improve peak power and average power in trained subjects, while having mixed results for untrained subjects.


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